Monday, November 26, 2007

The Race Roster

Here is the list of lucky folk so far. NOTE: RULE CHANGE RULE CHANGE RULE CHANGE!!!! We will not be having a lottery. First 30 cards get in. After that we can put you on the waiting list, but no guarantees then... We just wanted to make sure people could make plans since many riders will be from at least a little bit away.

Without further ado:

Male Open Class

Muraski, Mar.
Muraski, Mat.
Pramann, D.
Pitts, J.
Herringer, Z.
Polsun, S.
Mahoney, L.
Lawrence, M.
Larson, D.
Million, P.
Hanson, S.
Omdahl, R.
Sauber, L.
Stock, P.
Bean, C.
Karow, E.
Gustafson, C.
Hackensack, N.
Kinderman, S.
Lawrence, T.
Boecker, S.
Beck, B.
Abrams, D.
Bell, P.
Fahr, J.
Elson, B.
Haberman, P.
Sauber, L.
Bell, C.
Connell, B.
Zeigle, P.
Zadra, D.
Dittmer, D.
Braasch, G.

Female Open Class

Waxmonksy, N.
Brokaw, S.
Hackensack, B.
Sauber, R.

Male SS/Fixed Class

Skogen, C.
Quince, D.
Braun, C.
Clay, K.
Weisbrod, H.
Zipfel, J.
Petersen, A.
Robb, J.J.
Everson, T.
The Beard

Female SS/Fixed Class

Henry, K.
King, S.

That is all... thank you.


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