Saturday, February 23, 2008

Road Conditions

Not much to say, just wanted to inform that at least for the moment the roads are in pretty good condition to ride. A bit slick in spots (ice) but generally firm grippy conditions. Cross bike would be ideal this weekend.... will continue to update the conditions as winter's icy grip might begin to yield to spring.


Heath said...

Hey hey hey, was thinking about this swell ride again today. Preride sometime in my future I hope. So unless I have a map what goo do road condition mean to me. I saw checkpoints, road condition the same on all roads down der?

CUT-OFF no more entries huh? Yeah sure. Can you post final rider roster?

Thanks for he hotel chatter.


Z said...

Hi Heath

Well, couple thoughts on why conditions would be helpful:
1)If you're in interested in training in Goodhue County then the road conditions could be helpful - we didn't hand pick the absolute hardest roads around... generally anything you ride around here will be either in the race or very much like something you'd see in the race.
2)Just to keep a little info flowing so the same freaking post isn't always on top.

About the final list. We've had a couple people drop out, so there may be an addition or two. I'll check the list below and update shortly.

Thanks for checking in.