Friday, March 7, 2008

Updated and Official Race Roster

Not many dropouts yet.... please let me know if you aren't going to make it (comment works)

Female Open
Brokaw, Sara
Sauber, Rebecca
Waxmonsky, Nicole

Female Singlespeed/Fixed
Henry, Kate
King, Susannah

Male Open
Bean, Calvin
Beck, Bryan
Bell, Craig
Bell, Pete
Boecker, Sascha
Braasch, Grant
Cahalan, Joel
Dittmer, Dan
Elson, Brandt
Gustafson, Chris
Haberman, Paul
Herringer, Zachary
Jeppeson, Shawn
Karow, Eddie
Kinderman, Scott
Larson, Doug
Lawrence, Matt
Lawrence, Troy
Mahoney, Lonny
Meyer, Dave
Million, Porter
Muraski, Mark
Muraski, Matt
Omdahl, Rich
Peterson, Josh
Pitts, Justin
Pramann, David
Sauber, Larry
Sauber, Lonie
Stock, Pete
Tri, Charly
Zadra, Jeff
Zeigle, Paul

Male Singlespeed/Fixed Gear
Braun, Craig A
Dukek, Brian
Everson, Hurl
Petersen, Andrew
Pierre, Andrew
Robb, JJ
Skogen, Chris
Weisbrod, Heath
Zipfel, Jeff

If you don't see your name listed let me know. I may have missed it. I'd prefer to not let more people in until more people officially drop out, but if you make a good case and make me cry I'll probably let you in (as long as you realize that only a small percentage of people will actually think that this race is fun while the race is going on).


Anonymous said...

"Z" man, J Fahr asked that I inform you that he tripped and fell, as he got tangled amidst his pantays, and will not be able to attend the festivities.

Z said...

Tanks Anonymuss... I've been in the same situation... underwears can be tough to get out of... hence my commandoism. Tell Ms Fahr to get well soon.

april bergman said...

Um...I am a little behind the times and am just finding out what the hell this race is now. It sounds super fun! And there are, like, very few women in it! OMG! As a female of the species, I would like to represent, even though I missed the registration deadline and you're worried about having too many people. I promise to take up very little space, and not be a pain in the ass. Also, I'm from Bismarck, so I think, due to Hurl from CRC being from the same hometown, that you're required to let me in. ;)
What do I do now? Is there a reg fee? I assume so. Please let me in. [insert whining here]

Isaac (z) said...

April-you have mail

David said...

Yarrrrrr, the pain of responsibility has taken a link out of my chain and I have to dishonorably remove myself from this much sought after title. David Abrams is a no go no show for this momentous occasion. Best of luck to everyone and today was the day I reclaimed my title as D's B. Come BHFTF, I'm ready to roll the badlands.

D said...

Doug Larsen is going into non participant status.
I lost my bike in the snow pile outside my house :-)

Gregorio said...

My name is Gregorio. I sent my letter on March 2nd. I have not received a Response yet. My cel is 952-594-9908
I am racing for my country and this is a great ride for me. What can i do i really need this ride. Gracias

Anonymous said...

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