Sunday, November 29, 2009

So for all of the newbs that want in this year here is what we need on your postcard.


No more that one name per card. Send it to:

Ragnarok 105 c/o Isaac Giesen
134 Kingswood Dr
Apt 210
Red Wing, MN 55066

Ok... here are the formalities. I think we are all in accordance with the rules, but here they are (only one of which will probably be brought up again... and again... and again...)

1. Sponsors, organizers and any hangers on are not responsible for your safety. Each rider is considered to be on their own little private excursion. If you wipe out on loose gravel it is not our fault. You are responsible for you.

2. Outside support is only allowed at our Zumbro Falls checkpoint. There will be convenience stores available in Zumbro Falls.

3. You will receive the first 1/2 of the tulip notes upon registering the morning of the event. The second 1/2 of the tulip notes will be given to you upon reaching the checkpoint. There will be a time cut-off for the checkpoint, and believe me, it will be very attainable by all who can keep moving forward. The time will be determined at a later date.

4. You must attempt to follow the course at all times. If you need to go off course for help or food or something you must re-enter the course where you left it. I doubt anyone will be super familiar with the roads that we're going over, but please... no shortcuts.

5. Use your head. Yield to traffic. Pay attention to the road surface (which will possibly vary from concrete like hard gravel roads to snow covered sloppy muddy mess) and ride accordingly.

6. At all times you are making progress on the course you must wear an approved helmet.

7. Obey all state, county, city, village, township, borough, etc. laws, along with the Rules of the Road.

8. We are not responsible if you get lost or stranded. Have a way of contacting the outside world should something go not to plan.

9. Must have a blinking red rear light and a front headlight (can be one tiny white LED... it's amazing how much that helps you be seen even in the daylight).

Just to remind newbs if we get your card prior to December 1st I will personally throw it in the garbage.


Newbcakes Jones said...

Just to clarify, you will accept cards tomorrow, even if they are postmarked Nov 30th, or do I have to wait to send my card until Dec 1st?

Newbcakes Jones said...

Never mind. Found the answer in an earlier post. Dropping mine in the mail today. Thanks for putting on this event!

Steve Fuller said...

Card sent. Hope it shows up tomorrow.

dirtgrl said...

I also mailed my card in yesterday's mail...crossing my fingers it arrives today.

Anonymous said...

Will there be an option refueling station at mile 80? Conflicting info on teh interwebs!

Post here today:
There will be convenience stores available in Zumbro Falls and also at roughly mile 80.

MORC post:
- we'll only be going through the traditional Zumbro Falls checkpoint, Lake City has been removed, so be prepared for only one easy gas station refill at mile 55 or so.

--The diligent reviewer.

Jaqueb "Scraggs" said...

oops sorry, I copy pasted the rules from last year. There will not be a stop at 80 miles. We will probably give you the additional mapping to get to a near by town later on in the race. There will only be one official check point near the half way point.


Z said...

Way to confuse things Jake! We actually are organized... I'll see if I can edit the post tonight...

Jaqueb "Scraggs" said...

I already did!

Anonymous said...

Keep the "domestic" squabbling amongst yourselves Race Directors!