Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recap of a few things

In the coming days/weeks we'll be recapping the rules and logistics of the race. We had a couple of cut/paste snafus earlier so these will answer any questions you might have about the race (course, rules, etc).

Today's note:

This year we will only be having one official checkpoint. That's right, the Lake City checkpoint is being taken out of the race. The one and only time that the race will go by a convenience store will be at the checkpoint town in Zumbro Falls. The race will go within a few miles of Goodhue and Lake City but will not pass directly through/by them. If you've come to know and love the Kwik Trip in Lake City, we're sorry, but we wanted to include a few different roads in the race and this was the best way to do it. We think that the additional roads will more than offset the lost chance at another roller-dog.

So... summary... Race starts in Red Wing... at approximately mile 55 there will be a checkpoint (with a time cutoff) in Zumbro Falls... then another 50 mile shot to Red Wing. No other gas stations will be passed.


Anonymous said...

Does ZF have Roller Dogs? OR....anybody have a good roadside recipe?

LarryW said...

The BP in ZF has a roller dog machine, but I have yet to see it in use. I don't even think that it has that layer of flavor built up, so it probably wouldn't roll a good dog anyway

Anonymous said...

sounds like a ambitious teenager could make a lot of cash with a cooler full or gatorade.

Brian said...

I once was doing a brevet and showed up at a gas station at 2 in the morning. I asked for a roller dog and the lady realized she hadn't yet thrown them out yet... they were expired. She couldn't sell me any but gave me one for free. It was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Free?!?!?! That WAS a deal! Usually when they "expire" they are transferred to the beef jerky case.