Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Check 1,2... 1,2

(clearing throat sound)

Is this on? Be ready for some announcements in regards to the 2011 version of the 'Rok. Some changes are in store, but only good ones.

A little cat to let out of the bag... we will almost certainly have a "mountain top" finish this year... that should be enough to whet your appetite.

Shortly we'll have an official announcement of the date of the race (it'll be in early to mid April as always, just need to finalize things to set the exact date). We're also going to be driving the course to see if some of our new ideas make sense...


Anonymous said...

Don't need to make sense. Just more pain and confusion... LCR

Finish in Memorial Park... That my guess. +8

Anonymous said...

Exactly..........done right, the new changes will just make things more senseless.

Anonymous said...

........AND what kinda stalker looks here in Oct?????