Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting things finished up

Ragnarok headquarters are busy making the best race in Goodhue county even better.

Agenda; finishing line, tulipnotes cut or uncut, pre-driving and preriding.... that's all I'll tell you. Comment if you please, we might or might not listen.

Reminder; there is a ride that starts from the middle school on Sundays put on by a local rider. Get a hold of me if you want details.

Reminder; if you are needing to drop, let me know asap!

Take care!

1 comment:

Pierre said...

Obviously it's way too late to register, but I am interested in doing some gravel riding down in your neck of the woods. How long are the rides? What kind of pace? What's the general starting time? I'm from the Minnetonka area so it'll be a little haul for me to get down there, but I am in desperate need of some painful hills.