Friday, April 8, 2011

Mississippi National Golf Links

As stated elsewhere, we are using Mississippi National Golf Link's parking lot this year as the start/finish location. As luck would have it, tomorrow is their "opening day" for this year, which means there is bound to be lots of golfers out.
PLEASE understand that we are guests at their facility and I need your help to make this work.

When you arrive in the morning you will need to park in the "lower" lot, furthest from the club house. Try and take up as little space as possible, it will likely be a full house by afternoon.


Anonymous said...

If I park, say, 2 miles from Miss. Natl. and ride in from there, would you then transport me 2 miles into the race course at 7:30?

Just tryin' to help...

jp said...

Can we park at Colville, or is that under water?

SPH Larry said...

I am fairly sure Colvill park is still closed due to the flooding.

I think we will be OK as long as folks keep in mind our goal to minimize our impact on MNGL's main business.