Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Start list

Here is the final start list for the 2013 event.

Bruce Anderson
Tim Andrew
Curt Arrigoni
David Asp
Carl Bakker
Jessica Baltzley
Megan Barr
William Bates
Pete Bell
Grant Braasch
Paul Buchanan
Marko Carlson
Ryan Carlson
Philip Carlton
Neil Cary
Derek Chinn
Donald Clark
Joe Clark
Benjamin Cox
Mike Criego
Bob Dahl
Max Dingemans
Dan Dittmer
Matt Dorsett
Kevin Doyle
Thomas Driscoll
Brian Dukek
Ken Earley
Brandt Elson
James Foley
Tiffany Foley
Jason Gaines
Nick Gibbons
Justus Gibson
Chris Graham
Robert Held
John Hoch
Dave Hoglund
Ryan Horkey
Ray Jick
Alan Jones
Roger Karnopp
Eddie Karow
Jon Kern
Larry Kirch
Greg Knoll
Brandon Krawczyk
Jesse LaLonde
Mara Larson
Sean Mailen
Ed Matthiesen
Joe Meiser
Dave Meyer
Ethan Moore
Teresa Moriarty
Ray Nickles
Jorge Odio
Jeff Penman
Andy Peterson
Keith Peterson
Kalli Phillips
Justin Pitts
Dave Pramann
Kaveh Rahimi
Scott Redd
Parker Roenfanz
Josh Roesser
James Rosane
Martin Rudnick
Abby Ruess
Matthew Sanders
Larry Sauber
Charlie Schad
Corey Schose-Tourino
Mark Seaburg
Bob Shepherd
Jim Smith
Kathleen Sprole
Brett Stepanik
Sam St. Pierre
Ian Stanford
Dave Strachen
Andy Tetmeyer
John Thompson
Lisa Thompson
Loretta Trevino
Charly Tri
Oscar Uribe
Bobby Vigil
Denise Ward
Marcus Warrington
Nick Watts
Heath Weisbrod
Michael Wenzel
Quinn Williams
Drew Wilson
TC Worley


rideonpurpose said...

Thanks for putting this awesome event on again.

If you aren't on the list but want to ride something similar...

-Dickie the Dog

troublino said...

Hello! I didn't get a confirmation email. Loretta Trevino


Max Dingemans said...

I also didn't get a confirmation Email. Max Dingemans, Looks like I better get training.

The Sanders said...

I didn't receive an email confirmation.
Matt Sanders
Stoked. Let the training begin.

John Hoch said...

I didn't get the email but my handwriting is crap so it was probably hard to read...

John Hoch

Carl Bakker said...

hey, didn't get a confirmation email...but I'll be there!

Name: Carl Bakker

SPH Larry said...

Sounds like more folks than I expected didn't get an email.
I will work on sending out a mass email and will post up when I do with instructions on how to contact us if you didn't get it.

Charly Tri said...

Hey, I got an email, but feel free to email me again if you ever want to say "hi" or talk about politics.

sugardaddy said...

Did not see my name on either list, in or reserve, normal?
Michael Larson/Tina Hjeltman-Tandem

Tom McBeain said...

Ouch! Completly shut out this year. Didn't even make the reserve list. I thought my creative hand drawn post card would get some attention. I will just have to go cry in my beer.

Jaqueb "Scraggs" said...

Sorry to anyone that didn't make it in. If we make it through all the listed reserves, we will dig in to the bag and draw some more cards. Until that time if you don't see your name your card is sitting in the official brown paper bag of Ragnarök.

Unknown said...

It makes me sad I didn't even make the reserves...Can I even confirm my Postcard made it to you?

Rich Albrecht said...

bummer, no luck two years in a row. good luck to all the riders!

Anonymous said...

Jake, you making some good cash on the side doing those 5 Hour Energy commercials?


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Michael Wenzel. Thank you for letting me be in the race (I am on the start list). However, I also did not get a confirmation e-mail. My e-mail is

Gravel Lemming said...

Hi, I'm on the list but also didn't get an email. Not surprising as I have terrible handwriting.
Jim Smith

Andy said...

My name is on the list! (Andy Peterson) but I didn't get a confirmation email. Here's my email address.

Anonymous said...

Are there transfers?

Jaqueb "Scraggs" said...

Nope sorry!

Coach Heilman said...

Add me to your waiting 'reserves' list please.

SPH Larry said...

Coach Heilman,

Sorry, but the reserves are drawn from the 100+ cards that were sent in and not drawn for the start list. If this kind of race interests you, I encourage you to check out one of the many other great gravel events around the area.

Unknown said...

Anybody drop out yet?! You probably should! It's going to be brutal! On that note, any updated roster?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jaqueb "Scraggs" said...

Rider list is updated as of 03.09

Anonymous said...

All I got to say is.... YOU ALL BETTER BE SHOWING!!! Just got done with L-M-L and i didn't get into the Rag show. Updated roster?

SPH Larry said...

the entry list is current as of 3/25

Franz Rinkleff said...

Any chance I can get added at this late date. I am available on short notice.

troublino said...

I'm not sure who to email.. because I never got an email but Paul B and Loretta T will not be racing. Sorry for the late notice.

Tiffany Rittler-Foley said...

The Foley's are out. Sorry about the late notice, we were hoping to make it all work out but kid's events (hockey and lacrosse) trumped a day on the bike...Hopefully, a few people with fat bikes can grab our spots.