Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ragnarok 105 2014 rider list

Anderson Bruce
Barnes Brian
Barr Megan
Bauer Josh
Bell Pete
Belz Rob
Benishek Mark
Benton Joel
Boehnlein Michael
Braasch Grant
Buelow Brian
Buscher Shane
Bushendorf Jeff
Cardinal Craig
Carline John
Carlson Mick
Carlton Philip
Carragee Christine
Cary Neil
Chang Kevin
Clark Joe
Clausen Ted
Cleary Rick
Cox Ben
Denis Charles
Dingemans Max
Dittmer Dan
Dukek Brian
Eastlund Alan
Elson Brandt
Engen Mark
Felling Jim
Gonzales Kevin
Grenzow Tyler
Gritman Bob
Halstrom Mark
Hansen Boyd
Hau Tim
Henkemeyer Jeff
Hippen Scott
Hoch John
Holey Garrick
Horkey Ryan
Hyma Jeff
Johnson Fed
Johnson Matt
Karow Eddie
Kern Jon
Kirch Larry
Kjeer Joe
Klees Drew
Koppi-Kohn Alex
Korkowski Paul
Krawczyk Brandon
Kurke Matt
LaLonde Mark
LaLonde Jesse
Larson Mara
LeWin Chris
Lindberg Gary
Loosen Ted
Mailen Sean
Meiser Joe
Menton Patrick
Miosek Michael
Moody Pete
Nickles Ray
Nygard Jonas
Oney Ben
Pahr Joe
Parr Brandon
Perez Jose
Petersen Matt
Peterson Erik
Riley Matt
Roenfanz Parker
Roeser Josh
Rudnick Martin
Ruess Abby
Sauber Larry
Schad Charlie
Schotz Chris
Shouse-Tourino Corey
Sloma Brett
St. Pierre Sam
Staff Jeremy
Steeves Dan
Strachan David
Swenson Brett
Talerico Dominic
Tettenmeyer Andy
Tri Charlie
Ward Denise
Webb Matthew
Weisbrod Heath
Wikenheiser Andrew
Wilson Drew
Worley TC
Wright Jerry
Zylstra Ken


traildiva said...

Of all the occasions to see my name show up on the internet, this one makes me very happy. Thanks, Ragnarok crew - looking forward to an amazing and painful 2014.

Anonymous said...

What the F*$#?!?!? Something is Fishy here. This whole thing is all screwed up. I cant believe this. You guys can just sit back and "draw" cards and sip coffee. Whats this world come too????

Wouldn't be the same without a little dramatics. HA. THX SPH


Joel said...

Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



Anonymous said...

I'm on the short end of the wait list. Can you put an email out to drop if not riding. My training is in a fragile mental state and not knowing may break me.

Anonymous said...

Howdy, Has an email with race details for those whose names were selected been sent out yet? Searched my inbox and hadn't seen anything.

Jaqueb "Scraggs" said...

One of us will try and get some info out soon. For sure by Saturday. We will also have the updated start list soon.

Anonymous said...