Monday, April 13, 2015

Thanks again!

So it was another wonderful Ragnarok! This time with actual nice weather too!

Before we get too far away from the fun day, I wanted to get down a few thoughts. Most will be messages of thanks.

In no particular order:
  1. Thanks to the riders! The time, money and energy put forth to run this goofy thing is all worth it seeing everyone smiling and being just generally great folks out on the course. You are the biggest reason why we keep coming back for another year.
  2. Thanks to our families!
  3. Thanks to Mississippi National Golf Links! The proximity to the traditional Lehrbach climb makes them the ideal location. We didn't know that they have re-opened their grill... so sorry if we didn't let you know that burgers and beer would be available! We also discussed the bathroom situation and got some sincere apologies. We needed to be louder in the days coming up to the race, so hopefully that will be better next year.
  4. Thanks to Angry Catfish! Parker forgot his shoes, so didn't make it to the lot before the race, but they were intending to donate a bunch of coffee. But they did have some nice swag that folks towards the back of the pack got to peruse.
  5. Thanks to Twin Six! Some nice bottles and shirts for those finishing towards the back of the pack! They have been supportive of gravel rides all over the state for a while now, so give them a look-see next time you are looking for some kit or casual wear!
  6. Thanks to the City of Zumbro Falls. We use their park every year, free of charge. I talked with the Mayor on Saturday and he was very excited to have us coming through again. He offered to bring in a bunch of tables etc... Thanks to all who may have stopped in their small town. It is appreciated.
  7. Thanks to Goodhue and Wabasha Counties. They are great to work with!
  8. Thanks Larry and Job! Larry has stepped away from the general organization of the race the past couple of years, but the help on race day is SO AWESOME!
  9. Sorry for the bathroom situation at the start. Next year, due to the generosity of folks at the race, I am committing to at least one porta-potty regardless of the golf course situation. Depending on cost... maybe 2!
Feel free to leave a comment about anything you might want to change (seriously... we may not listen, but we're open to listening and thinking things through), or if there is something you really would hate to see changed.

It's easy to say right now, but the general feeling from Ragnarok central is that there will be a 9th edition in 2016. We'll see if we can settle on a date sooner than later so you can pencil it in.

Thanks again and have a great rest of your 2015!