Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Little Info for the Geographically Curious

Hi all

Since the cutoff was a couple days ago to get something in the mail. I'm going to assume that people are sick of seeing registration information. So... here is some information for anyone who wants to know at least a tiny bit about the course...


This link should show you the exact location of the two mid-course checkpoints. This is an unsupported race, but if you need someone to drop off supplies and provide moral support, these are the two official points to get help.

Most of you (at least the racers) are from the Twin Cities metro area (or approximate area) so the hotel information may not be of that much interest to you. The Days Inn is literally a 10 second sprint on a bike from the starting area. Since I'm from Red Wing, I've never stayed in any of the hotel options so I can't vouch. We don't (currently) have any group options or anything with any hotel chain (surprise, surprise) but all are pretty easy bike rides to the start. If you interested in staying in Red Wing, let me know. If enough interest is shown maybe we can approach a place and get shot down for a group rate.

The starting (and finishing) area is also detailed on the map. It's Colville Park. We'll verify that bathrooms will be available at the park. The facilities should be open, but Red Wing is a small town.

Tomorrow I'll probably throw up a sample race tulip and instructions.


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