Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New cut off

Ok... I'm still giddy about how many entries I keep receiving. Having said that, I'm going to have to cut it off here shortly. We want to keep it a smaller number to keep everything manageable and to make sure the experience is as fun as possible for racers.

I'd like to say that the new cut-off is 40 entries. That means that there are 4 spots left. If you get something postmarked by the 31st of January though I think you'll be alright. That still doesn't give you much time, but I'd like to move on from the registration process and onto more enjoyable things.

So... if you sent in a postcard before Christmas eve (if sending from the general MN area) and you haven't heard from me or don't see your name on the roster, send in another one. Please don't email or contact us in other ways. I need to receive a card. "Lost in the mail" while heart breaking doesn't get you in. The two entries I received tonight were both postmarked the 24th of Dec.

If I receive your card and it's postmarked after the 31st, you will go on a waiting list. If a bunch of people start dropping out then we can maybe let you in (though we might still use the original 30 number here).

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe holiday season (which ever, if any, you happen to enjoy celebrating) and that your training is starting to round into shape. We're just over three months away... and they just happen to be the three hardest ones to bike outdoors in.

Z out

I would like to let everyone in who wants to do it, but as the number grows the first time co-race director in me starts to get more concerned.


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