Friday, December 21, 2007

Two official spots left!

The entries are coming like a veritable snowstorm. 4 more brings the tally up to 28.

We (the Ragnarok organizing committee) and we decided on the following:

1) Our new SPH team kit look awesome.

2) We will NOT be giving out full maps before the race of the course. You'll be entering the race blind (but we will have great notes to get you from point A back to point A).

3) We will be opening up the race to more than 30 entrants. I'm honestly a bit surprised by the response (especially in the past week... thanks LCR-Ricoh) and part of how we chose 30 entrants was because we'd feel stupid cutting off the entrants at 100 if 8 people signed up. I'm not sure what we'll actually cut off at, but if you want to give the ride a go get those cards in before we decide to cut it off (I'm thinking it will be 40ish... maybe a bit more due to the no show quotient).


5) Oh... as of now this blog is more active (due to the race being so early in the spring) but if this type of racing interests you see the Almanzo 100 site for more gravel road goodness. This race, while pretty flat, will kick you in the fruitstand no foolin.

I will probably be away from the computer for a few days due to the holidays. I'll try and respond to any comments though as soon as I can. Thanks!

Z out

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