Monday, October 27, 2008

Official '09 Race Roster

Ok... no real message other than a list of the people goofy enough to sign up for this wacky race...

Susannah K. - Open F
Margaret M. - Open F
Rebecca S. - Open F
Nicole W. - Open F

Justin B. - Open M
Pete B. - Open M
Bryan B. - Open M
Michael B. - Open M
Grant B. - Open M
Brent B. - Open M
Dan D. - Open M
Brian D. - Open M
Brandt E. - Open M - Defending Champ
Hurl E. - Open M
Charlie F. - Open M
Jeremy F. - Open M
Paul H. - Open M
Dan H. - Open M
Scott H. - Open M
Ross H. - Open M
Kevin J. - Open M
Shawn J. - Open M
Eddie K. - Open M
Scott K. - Open M
Marty L. - Open M
Troy L. - Open M
Porter M. - Open M
Chad M. - Open M
Ray N. - Open M
Jason N. - Open M
Neil O'C - Open M
Jim P. - Open M
Jay P. - Open M
David P. - Open M
Jason P. - Open M
Stephen R. - Open M
Death R. - Open M
JJ R. - Open M
Andrew R. - Open M
Pete R. - Open M
Larry S. - Open M
Lonie S. - Open M
Ron S. - Open M
Joshua S. - Open M
Bob S. - Open M
Jesse S. - Open M
Pete S. - Open M
Ryan T. - Open M

Nick O. - SS M
Heath W. - SS M
T.C. W. - SS M
Jeff Z. - SS M


Anonymous said...

50% in just a couple days! Excellent sign "Z"-man. It will probably be 60 degrees, calm and sunny. Just had to say that in order to stir up some really foul weather. Misery LOVES company.


J-No said...

My postcard should arrive today.

Anonymous said...

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