Thursday, March 5, 2009

Official Race Roster Part Deux

Alrighty... April 18th is gettin' closer... if you have gotten a confirmation email from one of the Ragnarok directors and your name isn't on this list, let me know at igiesen at charter dot net . Thanks all...

In alphabetical order (last initial):

xBakken, Justin - Open M
xBekke, Tim - Open M
xBell, Pete - Open M
xBerrigan, Corie - Open F
xBoehnlein, Michael - Open M
xBraasch, Grant - Open M
xBraun, Craig - SS M
xBruessel, Brent - Open M
xDittmer, Dan - Open M
xDukek, Brian - Open M
xEk, Tim - Open M
xElson, Brandt - Open M
xEverstone, Hurl - Open M
xFarrow, Charlie - Open M
xFischer, Todd - Open M
xFredrickson, Eric - SS M
xFry, Jeremy - Open M
xGoetzelman, Steve - Open M
xGoltz, Caleb - Open M
xGrabowski, Anne - Open F
xHaberman, Paul - Open M
xHansen, Dan - Open M
xHansen, Scott - Open M
xHaraldson, Scott - Open M
xHargrove, Ross - Open M
xHerringer, Zachary - Open M
xJargo, Kevin - Open M
xJeppeson, Shawn - Open M
xKarow, Eddie - Open M
xKershaw, Jeremy - SS M
xKinderman, Scott - Open M
xKing, Susannah - Open F
xKrizek, Elliott - Open M
xLambert, Andy - Open M
xLarson, Dave - Open M
xLarson, Marty - Open M
xLavell, Josh - Open M
xLawrence, Matt - Open M
xLawrencre, Troy - Open M
xMeiser, Joe - Open F
xMeyer, David - Open M
xMontgomery, Margaret - Open F
xMontgomery, Monty - Open M
xMuraski, Mark - Open M
xMuraski, Matt - Open M
xMillner, Chad - Open M
xNancekivell, Ian - Open M
xNickles, Ray - Open M
xNovak, Jason - Open M
xO'Cary, Neil - Open M
xOswald, Nick - SS M
xPalmer, Jim - Open M
xPerry, Brad - Open M
xPeterson, Josh - Open M
xPitts, Justin - Open M
xPramann, David - Open M
xPrudhom, Jason - Open M
xRegenold, Stephen - Open M
xRobb, JJ - Open M
xRosenberg, Andrew - Open M
xRyan, Pete - Open M
xSauber, Larry - Open M
xSauber, Lonie - Open M
xSauber, Rebecca - Open F
xSaul, Ron - Open M
xSchneider, Joshua - Open M
xShepherd, Bob - Open M
xSime, Eric - SS M
xSkogen, Chris - Open M
xStock, Pete - Open M
xStruve, Jesse - Open M
xTenge, Ryan - Open M
xTri, Charly - Open M
xVosberg, Roy - SS M
xWaxmonsky, Nicole - Open F
xWeisbrod, Heath - SS M
xWorley, TC - SS M
xZipfel, Jeff - SS M


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