Friday, March 13, 2009

Some Details on the Race Day for those who are wondering

Hi again

On race day (April 18th!) registration will open at 6:30 am in Colville Park in Red Wing, MN. The main parking lot area will be where we convene. The official starting line will be the Dog Poop sign again. I think that there was a port-a-potty style bathroom at the start last year, but not certain

The start of the race will be 7:30 am sharp.

The First Checkpoint will be at roughly the halfway mark. The same park in Zumbro Falls will be the meeting area. There will be outside support allowed at this point, and this point only! This is a change from last year. The second checkpoint will not allow outside support. If you are not checked in at the Zumbro Falls checkpoint by 2:30 pm you will not get the second half course tulip notes.

There will be another checkpoint along the way with about 25 miles to go. This one is for our own sanity so we know where people are on the course. NO outside help or support will be allowed here.

The race will finish at the same place that the race started. Colvill Park. You must be at the finish line (dog poop sign again) by 7:30 to complete the race officially.

Here are the towns you will go through and what you can expect to see in the way of amenities:

Red Wing (start and finish) - hotels, gas stations, etc. No gas stations or convenience stores are on the route until the last mile or so. Also has a hospital, Peebles store and (2) Subways for some reason.

Zumbro Falls (Checkpoint 1) - two convenience stores and a couple of bars that may provide a decent burger

Millville - no stores or bathrooms or parks are on the course or even in Millville

Lake City - a convenience store will be on the route, there are also fast food opportunities a few blocks off the course and we'll be rolling right past a medical center.

There will be at least 55 or so miles without easy refueling so be prepared with enough water and food. The weather last year was about freezing and WINDY. Brutal. The week before it was about 70 and sunny. Could be warmer, could be rainy... could be snowing... BE PREPARED! You are responsible for you. 

More reports from out on the course tomorrow probably.


Anonymous said...

Where is the "more reports" SPH??? Our double agent Question Pete said you guys don't want any part of an LCR recon ride... Whatupwith dat?

Can year 2 top year one? That is the riddle from our camp of fools.

Anonymous said...

Sounds kinda backwards. Does this mean there will be zero wind and it will be 95 degrees too?

GRIESE.J said...

What is the field limit?