Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last half of the race is double checked! If you have not started riding yet, you might want to do that. I will not come pick up any slack-assed folk and will leave you in Deliveranceville to be feasted on by mange stricken dogs. Which leads me to... BE PREPARED!

We will probably give some last min updated so stay posted, as of right now Covill park is under water and closed. Pretty sure it will be open by the time the Rok starts but stranger things have happened, so please keep checking the blog.

-The ROK Crew


Anonymous said...

what are the roads like? Muddy / rutted like just about everywhere? Do they throw down a lot of big rock to 'fix' them up.

Lars Byekriter said...

It varies by county and township, but most of the roads are in pretty good condition. Quite a few of the miles are like limestone pavement.
Generally the Ragnarok takes place before road restrictions are lifted, so fresh gravel isn't a problem. This year's early warmer weather may make that an issue, though.
stay tuned

J-No said...

What sort of gearing are the single speed folks running?

jp said...

Jason, Multiply X9 for the smart ones! :)

J-No said...

My legs hurt just reading your posts!!


Anonymous said...

Do you have gearing suggestions? -or- are the hills thigh crushers? considering that I have 20, is it dumb to show up with 38/23 if I could put on a different cassette