Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Gravel Road Riding Tips

As the race approaches here are a few tips for riding on gravel roads... most of you are probably experts but I'll give them anyway....

1. Pay attention! Most of the roads are lightly traveled by automobiles but they can sneak up on you.

2. When going up hills or around blind corners make sure to inch over to the right if possible. Cars will not expect to encounter cyclists, so being to the right is the safest place to be.

3. Dogs are out and about! We aren't on many different roads than the past couple of years so expect the same canine (and chicken) involvement as in years past. Be ready if a snarling dog runs out at you. On the course we haven't ran into any violent dogs, but dogs can have bad days too. So just have a plan if one starts to chase.

4. Be ready to fend for yourself. We'll give you accurate directions, but you must follow them or prepare to be lost. Also, if you have to drop out you must have your own strategy for getting back to civilization. You are responsible for you!

5. Water! Dust and wind and the sun can dehydrate. You must bring enough water to get you at least 60 or so miles. There is one town that we go directly through. Goodhue and Lake City will be passed relatively closely but are not on the route.

I'm sure there are a ton of other things I could talk about but it's time now to get out and ride!

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