Saturday, April 10, 2010

'Rok 2010 is in the books

A beautiful April day saw a young Mr. Charly Tri get a small gap on the return climb up Lehrbach and held it through a mad dash through a little of downtown Red Wing to become the first repeat Ragnarok champion! He was closely followed by the climbing zen-master Tim Ek only seconds behind, while powerhouse Ryan Horkey rounded out the rock trophy recipients for the men. The top 5-6 guys were averaging well over 16 mph for the total 105 miles (for the first half to 3/4 almost 17-18!!!).

Kristi Olson was the top female finisher with an impressive preformance overcoming a couple of flat rear tires and some stiff competition from second place female Mara Larson and never say die Susannah King.

More complete results can be found for the time being at the links in the previous posts. We'll try and post up the official results on the blog tomorrow. Right now we're bushed.

Thanks to all who made this such a great race!

'Rok Crew


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