Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tulip Notes

Alrighty, we are working on stuffing folders. I have just a few notes on the notes.

1) They are cut 41/2 X 11, if you fold them in half they will fit nicely in your Banjo Brothers map holder.

2) KOM have a milage posted on the cue sheets, they will not be exact to where the official will be standing. The official line will be where we want it.

3) Your race folder will have a map in it just incase you need to be picked up and have to give your crew directions. If you choose to use it to find a short cut, do not bother to show up. This lists only major roads. If you think you want something more detailed you will need to pick that up yourself.

4) This year we will require you to tie your number plate to the front of your bike. We will have twist tie available to do so.

5) We are not sure if the bathrooms will be open at Colvill, last year they were but do not count on it. There is a Kwik Trip within a mile away. Make sure you have all the water you need before you show up. As with the bathroom, there might not be running water on yet. Another smart thing to have is sunscreen, if you have not looked at the forecast yet it's looking great as of today.

6) Most importantly, you are responsible for yourself, be prepared!


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