Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lotto Time

The following riders have been selected (randomly) from the stack of 183 postcards. If you see your name on the list congrats! You now have a winter of training in front of you. You also must notify us (Jake) by 11:59 PM on April 6th if you cannot make it to the race. There are 78 people who would love to be racing, so if you can't make it. Please don't take a spot needlessly. Thanks.

For those not on the big list, we have pulled your cards randomly to set the "reserve" list. As people drop out, you will be notified in the order that your card was pulled and you'll then be in. We'll post the top twenty, and as that starts to dwindle we will update said list.

2011 Ragnarok 105 Starting List

Alan Oscarson
Andrew Petersen
Andy Lambert
Andy Tetmeyer
Bill Franken
Bill Nelson
Bob Shepard
Bobby Brown
Brad and Kelly Skillicorn
Brad Cole
Brandon Parr
Brandt Elson
Brent Bruessel
Brian Dukek
Bruce Pletka
Chad Millner
Chad Sova
Charlie Farrow
Charly Tri
Chelsea Strate
Chris Larkin
Chris VanErt
Craig Irving
Dan Dittmer
Dan Hansen
Dan Steeves
Dave Asp
Dave Tyler
David Bruning
David Cizmas
David Meyer and Julia Peek
David Pramann
Derek Carlson
Donald MacNaughton
Eddie Karow
Eric 'The Red'
Evan Tweed
Gerald Hansen
Grant Braasch
Harlan Smith
Heath Weisbrod
Hunter Sheldon
Hurl Everstone
Ian Nancekivell
Jack Donovan
James Bialas
James Foley
Jason Buffington
Jay Pitts
Jeff Austin-Phillips
Jeff Zipfel
Jere Mohr
Jeremiah Jazdzewski
Jeremy Kershaw
Jerry Bilek
Jim Palmer
Joe Meiser
Joel Nichols
John Pike
John Struchynski
Jon Loye
Josh Peterson
Joshua Schneider
Justin Coyne
Keith Peterson
Kelly MacWilliams
Larry Marx
Larry Sauber
Leah Gruhn
Lee Nesbitt
Lonie Sauber
Luck Francl
Mara Larson
Mark Benishek
Mark Emery
Mark VanderWoude
Martin Rudnick
Matt Johnson
Matt Riley
Mick Carlson
Mike Larson
Neil Cary
Paul and Janna Krawczyk
Paul Marietta
Pete Bell
Pete Taylor
Phil Dech
Porter Million
Ray Nickles
Rich Hendricks
Rick Cleary
Robbie Morford
Robert Held
Roy Vosberg
Scott Erickson
Scott Kinderman
Scott Meulebroeck
Steven Wenzel
TC Worley
Ted Clausen
Tiffany Foley
Tim Ek
Tim Norrie
Tim Stark
Troy Lawrence

Alternate Top Twenty (in order)

Jon Kern
Randy Anderson
Jason Vinar
Brandon Manske
Ross Hargrove
Chris Oswald
Brett Swenson
Nick Oswald
Matt Muraski
Todd Sample
Mark Kowaliw
Rick Kompelien
Ed Boltz
Chewy Tottenhall


Anonymous said...

that Andrew Peterson character better show! : )

Anonymous said...

dang. on neither list.

Anonymous said...

Same with me... neither list, bummer.

Z said...

I know it doesn't give much solace... but everyone is on a list... we only posted 20 of the reserves... as people drop off of the lists you may see your name. We didn't forget about ya, and we do feel badly that everyone can't race (not badly enough to just let everyone in though), we need to be able to focus on too many things leading up to and on race day to have the amazing Almanzo like numbers.

StCroixTroy said...

Ragnarok Crew- Thanks again for the efforts you put into this! I'm looking forward to number 4.
--Troy L.

Charly Tri said...

Excited to be in, disappointed some friends did not. What's with letting all those guys from Duluth in?

SPH Larry said...

All the cards from Duluth were covered with a grease-like substance that kept sticking to our fingers when we drew from the bag.

Anonymous said...

I'm a non-selected rider from Honestly though, the greasy substance is pickled herring shot-block juice. I dig the random card selection method. I'll try again next year. From what I've heard the Rag is a great ride.

Anonymous said...

Greasy-Sticky substance just screams DISINFECTANT

jnorton said...

Sitting on the curb with the other less-than-lucky 50 lubbers...waiting and hoping, waiting and hoping. No sticks in spokes (too many sticks and spokes, respectively) to reduce the numbers--we wait, we wait, we wait. The curb is a lonely place.

Anonymous said...

Well that sucks, not on either list. Too bad, this was hands down my favorite race of the year last year. A bit frustrating, had the postcard in first day it was open, raced last year, still no dice. Im sure others in same boat as well, such is life.

Im curious, you stated that "we need to be able to focus on too many things leading up to and on race day to have the amazing Almanzo like numbers" How much more work is it to have 75 more people added to the roster? clearly more maps, etc, need to be printed and there are a few more people at registration, but how much more work is it really? (honest question not meant to be a rip, but to me it seems like once everything is set like the course, etc, adding a few more people would not be that much more work? Its your race and you can do what you want obviously, just curious).

I guess Ill hurry up and wait like the rest of ya'll, maybe even on the curb with jnorton, but not being on either list would be a serious longshot i assume.

Thanks for putting on a great event regardless, and hope to be there next year. Ted L.

SPH Larry said...

That's a good question, Ted.
Our entry has nearly doubled every year, so we had to draw the line somewhere. 105 seemed like a manageable number. The local law folks are comfortable with that number and its a number of riders we think we can keep track of. Also, all costs are directly out of pocket, so despite doing things on the cheap, it still adds up. We tried to imagine what 200 riders would have been like with the weather we had the first year and didn't like what we saw. It was a hard decision, but one we felt we had to make.
Perhaps one of you can organize a "Didn't get in" ride this summer or fall with the same course. We normally make the course notes available after the race is over.

Bitter Ben said...

like maybe riding the course on say....April 16? Exactly one week after the race we (bitter today) did not get in? that way it is still an early event to get our arse's in shape for and to see how we are doing compared to years past?

loved it last year...bummed this year but so is life.

Anonymous said...

I am on the reserve list and hoping to move up. How many no shows last year and when will you put out a request for drop out's to move reservest up?

Anonymous said...

Stop acting like Corporate Weenies. Man up and post details on the Ragnarok 105 entry selection process before wasting competitive racer’s time + money as well as trees.