Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some rules to put in your head

If you've signed up for this thing you probably pretty much know what is going on, but here are some more specific rules:

0) You are responsible for yourself!

1) Follow the rules and laws of the road. You will be traveling on public roads that will not be closed in any way. If you see a stop sign, please stop, etc. etc. etc.

2) Wear a helmet while on course.

3) There will be one official checkpoint in the race this year. At Zumbro Falls we will have a checkpoint. At this point, and at only this point you can get outside assistance/help. There also are a couple of convenience stores to pick up water/chips/etc. Unfortunately the roller dogs are in short supply, so if you want a crappy hot dog you might just want to throw one in your jersey pocket. The course will pass a couple stores , but will only pass a couple really useful stores. So, have enough water and food!

4) Carry enough water and food!

5) You are responsible for yourself!

6) Ride within yourself. Watch your speed if you need to on the downhills. There are some long and very very fast descents. It's fun to bomb them, but be prepared to deal with loose gravel, washboard, oncoming tractors etc. Also, when you are climbing up a hill, it's probably smart to not be on the left side of the road. There isn't much traffic on these roads, but be smart.

7) You must have a computer or some means of tracking your progress (in miles).

8) Have some sort of small (or large) front and rear (red) lights. It doesn't have to be so you can see, but you want to be seen.

9) You are responsible for yourself!

10) Don't litter. Respect that we're riding on public roads.

11) Watch out for dogs, chickens, and livestock!

12) Have fun!!!

We will be starting at Colvill Park in Red Wing, MN. You will get the cue sheets for the first half of the race at registration. We will publish the cut-off times to get to the checkpoint in Zumbro Falls (where you get your second half cue sheets)and to finish.

I think I got most of the big ones. Please feel free to ask any questions as we get closer to the race...


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for this I'm about to pee my pants.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead. Pee. Cause only you are responsible for YOU.

Super Dave! said...

seriously! helmets? will I get kicked out if I don't wear one?