Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Google map of key spots

The following is a link to a google map with important spots for the Ragnarok 105 listed.
It includes the new tentative location of the start/finish, the location of the checkpoint in Zumbro Falls, the locations of some places to stay in Red Wing if you are staying overnight and the locations of the hospitals in Lake City and Red Wing. Please ride safe and make sure the last bit of info is not needed by anyone.

The hotel by the start/finish is cheap and close, but not the finest. If you are just looking for a cheap place to lay down, this is probably ok.
There is a new Country Inn and Suites on the north-west end of town that is nice. Not sure of the rates.

Large fishing tournaments are not uncommon that time of year in Red Wing, so if you are planning on getting a room, don't wait too long.

Please check this blog frequently in the coming weeks for updates and changes and hope for a bit of warm weather.

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