Friday, January 20, 2012


Thanks for all of the comments! It's always to get some constructive discussion going.

Really... thanks for the comments. It's great to see how excited people are to be involved with our race. Or how much people would like ride... just a few thoughts... and try not to take anything personally...

First off... Here is the deal... believe it or stuff it the majority of the riders in the race were in fact pulled out of a regulation sized grocery bag (paper) randomly. Seriously.

Secondly.... these races are not even true "races", at least that isn't our intent. Yes, any time a group of people ride bikes together there will be some racing... but these events are meant as endurance challenges. Yes we give out a rock (yes, our trophy is a rock) to the winners. Yeehaw. Your name also is at the top of one of our blog posts for ever!!! Ooooo boy! These races are meant to be fun, low key things... if you are hot headed enough to be all crazy on a blog because of these races then I'd be willing to venture a guess that you potentially are *edited* more suited to 24 hour races, or 12 hour races (WEMS events?).

We also make MAD bank... entry fees have skyrocketed all of the way to $0.00. Just think of all of the extra money we could make if we just opened the race up! It's a free race.

Hmmmm what else. Oh... I'd be glad to offer up some tips on what goes into a pretty sweet gravel course. These tips could come in handy when you start your own race that will undo all of the injustices done by our race. Seriously, if we can put on an event, anyone can.

See... it is our race. And we will run our race how we see fit (for the enjoyment and safety of the riders that show up). If you can't handle not being in a free race (that has the route posted either by us, or people on Map My Ride once it is over) then don't send in a postcard (or envelope, or slip of paper, or whatever it is that people send in).

Feel free to comment and disagree with how we are doing it, I don't mind... I don't think that Jake or Larry really mind either. What is frustrating is name-calling/swearing/etc. without any accountability.

Thanks.... Isaac


Ben said...

Whoa! I didn't realize the chaos that was going on in the blog world.
As a blogger and race organizer (AGRS Dirt Bag and others) I hate anonymous. Thus, any names submitted with anonymous will not get into the Dirt Bag!

I guess I am lucky that not everyone wants to get into the Dirt Bag (not sure why pretty fun race) so we don't have the problem of turning people away. Well actually I kind of suck at saying no so I let all that ask get in. We maxed out at 120 riders. I will not let it get beyond that. Logistically I can't handle too many more. The sad thing is you get so many "no shows" to a free event.
Sorry not too sure where this is all going. Just can't believe the amount of bashing going on. In my opinion the AGRS still needs races in July and August...maybe November so anonymous: please step up to the dance and host the "better" event.
My name is Ben Doom.
Thanks to the Rag for the opportunity to ride the race this year for the first time. I hope you enjoy the new bikes!!!!


Anonymous said...

(WHEW!) Relieved to see that the joint powers of SPH remain undaunted. My biggest concern being that this becomes to much of a headache and ceases. The beauty of these events (whther part of the AGRS or not) lies in their uniquness. Rules, conditions, terrain, and participants. All of the AGRS events are top-notch, well organized, and thought out. This happens to be my favorite event, and what I would model my own after if I were to ever take the plunge (need a mid-March event???). A big thanks to Isaac Jake and Larry. Keep it up!


Larry Sauber said...

Folloow me yous candy azz interweb talkers.

Unknown said...

Lotz of tough guyz out there named "Anonymous."

Anonymous said...

DAMN! "Unknown"???? Thats far more hipster and culturish than mere "anonymous". You Duluth guys are always so far ahead of the curve. Dang trendsetters........

Somebody got a pink ferrule for that Sauber guy?


Christian said...

Well it just goes to show you that no good dead goes unpunished (the internet makes that extra true). Put on a cool event where people can get together, ride bikes and have fun and folks whine that they did not make it in to this years sufferfest... Remind me again why we do this?

On a serious note, do you up-date the roster as people drop out (do people let you know they are going to drop out?) or is it just best to show up day of ready to roll?

I hope to get in and if I don't I have friends and know where some dirt road is stashed.

-Christian Huseby

Jaqueb "Scraggs" said...

Christian, as people drop out we will update the roster along with an email to the person next in line so we know if your still available to ride.

T.C. said...

Just wanted to be another positive voice here. I'm really not sure why you guys even put this race on every year, but thank you! Thanks for being one of the original gravel races and for keeping it small and awesome. It means something to get it, and to finish.

You guys rule - Don't listen to the haters.

Haters - PLEASE DO go start a race - the midwest can't get enough of gravel right now.

Bob S said...

Thanks so much for continuing to run this awesome event! I'm sure it is a ton of work and plenty of stress making it all happen.

Sorry that people missed the lottery. But great events result in lots of entries, and many of those entries will not get in. It's amazing how popular the gravel races have become, considering that they were practically unheard of just a few years ago.

Bob S.

pmillion said...

Keep up the great work guys! Whether I am actually prepared for the 'race' or not, I always look forward to the Rag because it signifies the start of the gravel/dirt season on two wheels.

Thanks again for all your hard work!