Thursday, January 12, 2012

Results of the drawing - (updated 4/4)

Below is the start list for the event, followed by the reserves. We had over 200 entrants this year, which is good to see, but it makes it tough to turn that many folks away.
If your name was drawn and you cannot attend, let us know right away so we can notify the next person on the reserves list. Once we go past the deadline we expect everyone on the list to show up on race day, since you are taking a spot that someone else would have gladly taken.
If we have your name wrong, please let us know.

Start list
Abby Ruess
Al Iverson
Alix Magner
Allen Sanborn
Allison Kelly
Andrea Cohen
Andrew Lindberg
Ben Oney
Bill Nelson
Bob Shepard
Brandon Manske
Brandt Elson
Brendan Moore
Brett Stepanik
Brett Swenson
Brian Dukek
Bruce Anderson
Bryan Cochran
Caleb Donaldson
Charlie Farrow
Charlie Shad
Charly Tri
Chris Zagozen
Christian Huseby
Christine Carragee
Curt Arrigoni
Dan Dittmer
Dan Gold
Dan Utoft
Dave Asp
Dave Cizmas
David Praman
David Schultz
David Strachan
Death Rider
Denise Ward
Dennis Grelk
Devin Curran
Drew Klees
Drew Wilson
Ed Boltz
Elliot Krizek
Eric Fredrickson
Eddie Karow
Grant Braasch
Heath Weisbrod
Hurl Everstone
James Bialas
Jay Pee
Jeffery Penman
Jeremy Fry
Jeremy Kershaw
Jeremy Koenig
Jerry Wright
Jessica Baltzley
Jim Reed
Joel Nichols
John Berini
Joseph Meiser
Kalli Phillips
Kari Gates
Keith Peterson
Kelly MaCwilliams
Kelly & Brad Skillicorn
Kyle Chezik
Larry Sauber
Leah Gruhn
Linsay Kocka
Lisa Thompson
Mara Larson
Mark Seaburg
Martin Rudnick
Mary Gonzalez
Matt Burton-Kelly
Matt Johnson
Matt Nikodym
Matt Petersen
Michael Pherneton
Mick Carlson
Molly Cochran
Neal Cary
Patti Iverson
Paul & Janna Krawczyk
Pete Bell
Pete Brueggen
Phillip Carlton
Porter Million
Randy Anderson
Ray Coyle
Raymond Jick
Richard Parsons
Robbie Morford
Roger Parenteau
Ron Saul
Ross Hargrove
Ryan Carlson
Ryan Horkey
Scott Hippen
Scott Meulebroeck
Scott Shauss
Steven Steichen
Sue Schroeder
T.C. Worely
Ted Clausen
Tim Ek
Tim Wertz
Tom McBeain
Troy Lawrence

Reserves (in order)
Greg Ames
John Hatcher
More as needed..


Anonymous said...

Boom. IN.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, lots of repeat offenders on that list. Any chance the full reserve list will be posted so the rest of us know if our cards were even counted?

SPH Larry said...

We only drew 20 reserves so far, so that's all we displayed. If you are concerned we didn't get your card, let one of us know your name and we will make sure you are still in the stack if we need to draw beyond 20 reserves.

T.C. said...


traildiva said...

Looks like a record number of women this year -- awesome :)

105 miles, maximum hills, minimal training, go!

Anonymous said...


AJ Peterson - would be first timer

Can you confirm you got my card?


SYore said...

tandem first timer that missed the cut:
Steve and Janine Yore

I used Postagram for iphone (bad idea?) just checking you received pcard

Anonymous said...

random you say...... ok....

SPH Larry said...

We did indeed, AJ.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Thanks at least it was received!

Sending in for the Almanzo today!

I figure I HAVE to get in at least one of these this year!


Justin said...

doh didn't make the cut! Gonna make my AGRS championship tough this way...can you check to make sure I am on the reserve reserves? thanks!

Justin Schuetz said...

^ Justin Schuetz

Anonymous said...

Joshua Schneider
Can you confirm i'm in the mix?
I'm going to train anyway.

Anonymous said...

OK who is going to take the held the organize the 'I didn't get in, but still want to ride the course' version of this?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, makes the AGRS hopefuls kind of hosed with the lottery when they don't get in.

Rich said...

Did you get my card? Thanks . . .

legobuff said...

Also curious if you received my card.

Anonymous said...

I understand this is your race and you can do what you want, but please do not call this system a lottery, because that implies equal chance. 70% of that list appears pre-determined. Realistically, there are 125 people in the 'lottery' for the 30 spots not pre-assigned.

Anonymous said...

It is their event and it is a free event. I will be riding down from St. Paul crashing parts of the course to cheer on the riders. Grab your bike and ride some of the bluff country with a few others that didn't make the cut.

Anonymous said...

Bribes. Double sided sticky tape. Origami shaped cards that pierce the skin of any nearby hand. All tricks of the trade.

Anonymous said...

All you people who are out there pissing and moaning need just go away, if you don't like the way they do it down here than just f&$k off....Bill Nelson

Anonymous said...

Good luck everyone that got in! See ya at Almanzo everyone else.

Philip said...

Glad I made it in... just wanted to add that my name is spelled with one 'L' - Philip Carlton.

Looking forward to April!

Anonymous said...

Predictions top 5 Male/Female

Anonymous said...

Ha! This is your race and all, and you should definitely do whatever you want, but it's kinda silly to pretend this list results from a random drawing.

As a statistician, it's easy to see that the male/female ratios of the actual list and the reserve list are laughably non-random.

Do what you like, but don't treat us like idiots...

Anonymous said...

After three straight years of rejection on trying to get into this thing, what gives! Maybe I will start my own race, move to Duluth and become a hipster in order to increase my chances. LOL

Anonymous said...

I think maybe the people "pissing and moaning who need to f off" to quote Mr Bill Nelson are many of the same people that host "all are welcome" events in locations that "seem" to be shut out .... the race organizers, sponsors, and volunteers.
Maybe ,, maybe not.
Just saying.
We have races here with a fee but they are still just as not for profit.
I hope you have fun and i hope your event goes well.
We will see you at the races! (our races).


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Agreed it does not seem random and that is fine but please state the 50 or so people who automatically get in are in and the rest is up to lottery.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "f off comment" was directed to, and not from Mr. Bill Nelson.
It is hard to tell.
Either way it seems a bit wrong considering it is just a bike race.

Anonymous said...

OK, so who is going to organize the 'Rag Rejects Ride (RRR, copyright pending)'?

There must be enough riders and enough people that would be willing to help out. We just need someone with knowledge of some sweet local gravel in another locale...

Anonymous said...

Just show up the morning of and join the carivan. joking!....maybe.. free roads

John Hoch said...

Thanks for putting on the race! Just wanted to check that my card got there.

to keep me from getting my hopes up too high next year, I was kinda curious how many cards you got for the 50-100 or whatever number of open slots?


John Hoch

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can be "ON THE RAG" and all those not in can be "OFF THE RAG".

Them=Bitchy and moody!
Us=pleasant and sane!

Jaqueb "Scraggs" said...

Hi all, I see we have a few comments, complains, bashings, protectings, and questions. If you need answers please email me, I do not look at this everyday, also that way you have to own up to negativity and comments good or bad.

Happy Riding, in or out I hope you still ride your bike, lots of great events to be ready for!

Charly Tri said...

Jeez, put on a race, make it great, make it free, wait for people to bitch that they didn't get in and it is everyone else's fault. I am sure some people get in automatically, but hell, it is a free race that these guys work hard to put on, they EARNED that right. As an organizer of the Sandwich 50 I hold that same right. I do the work, I reserve the right.

As a past winner I got in. I sent in my card just like you. Did I get preferential treatment? Maybe, but I couldn't say for sure. I have heard people complain that this guy got in because they were in the top ten, and that guy got in even though he didn't finish last year. Hmmmm, seems like everyone got in except those who didn't.

Suck it up, act like an adult. It is not your right that your card should be picked. Had I not got in I would be disappointed, but not so freaking pissy. Most of all, I would not have come on here whining about this and that without posting my name. Man (or woman) up, and put your name behind your words.

Also, I am sure that those guys have more things to do then sort through a ton of cards just to see if your got there. Either way you didn't get in. Are you that unsure of your ability to mail a postcard? Here's directions for next time (

I am looking forward to racing again, and for you guys from Red Wing, thanks for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

I don't think people are 'pissy' that they did not get in, I think they are pissy because what is claimed as an equal chance 'lottery' is clearly not. Being a bit more open about the process I think would go a long way. It is their race, it is free, they can do what they want, but stating that they really only have 30-40 lottery spots available might help.

I think people are also 'pissy' because many want to do the entire gravel series, but you can realistically only do 4 of the 6 races because the rag 105 and heck of the north are low percentage chance races to get into if you are not somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody, etc.

The way the rag 105 and heck of the north used to be (first post cards received = you are in) left little doubt about the process. Same with the way Dirty Kanza runs their entry process.

If you are going to open it up to the general public, not just your friends, at least let the general public know what to expect. If you want to keep it a low-key affair which you have every right to do as a promotor, why even open it up to the public via a 'lottery' process?

Charly Tri said...

Where is the proof that there were 30-40 spots open? Just glancing, I see a few names on the wait list that I thought might get preferential treatment. Also, how do you know who DIDN'T get in?

I am sorry, I didn't catch your name.

Anonymous said...

preferential treatment indeed

Charly Tri said...

When I say I saw names on the wait list that I thought would get preferential treatment, it was in the context of assuming there is preferential treatment going on.

I am done.

Anonymous said...

Good thinking Charly. Have fun and race hard, oh...and remember you will get in next year.

SPH Larry said...

Every year we give automatic entry to some folks, as long as they send in a card. We have always done this and probably always will. I didn't think that was a secret. How many varies by the year. This year we put about 45 cards on the "In" pile right off the bat which is more than usual. The last couple years we have let any woman in automatically to encourage more women to do this kind of event. This year the number of women went way up, which in part accounts for the larger number of automatics.

galaxysearchlights said...

say three HAIL MARY,S and two OUR FATHER'S, then,, lather, rinse, and let everyone in? ,, (please?)

Anonymous said...

ragnarok 210 with 210 riders

Anonymous said...

45 automatic "Ins" and at quick count I see 22 women... That leaves 38 spots to the luck of the draw...

I wasn't going to complain, but at this point, its no longer a random public event, that much is true. Its also hard to deny that it doesn't weaken the integrity of the AGRS as a true competition.

Jaqueb "Scraggs" said...

45 includes all the women. You had about a 1 in 3 chance of getting drawn.

galaxysearchlights said...

pretty please?

Ed Boltz said...

Where are these 24 hour races of which you speak?

Anonymous said...

can you confrim you received my card in case reserves get deep. andy krawczyk

Anonymous said...

I am sadly going to give up my spot to the next lucky person on the reserve list. Ragnarok was going to be my husband and I's 10 year anniversary date however, his card was not drawn. I don't want to spend my anniversary day without him. If you are interested in giving us a gift and let us ride together that would be great. What do you think? Tiffany Foley (

Portland said...

I'm not going to be able to make it if I get in, so I need to be removed from the reserves list. Is it as simple as just posting this comment or should I email someone?

-Brandon Meinke

SPH Larry said...

I see your comment, Brandon.
I general send a confirmation email as well.

Anonymous said...

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