Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some early pre-race notes

April is quickly approaching, I hope everyone has been taking advantage of the mild winter to ride your bike. Some early notes:

We are 99% sure that we are using Mississippi National Golf Links as the start location again this year. They are hosting a wedding reception later in the day, but they are willing to work with us to make it  happen. They promised to have the doors open so we have access to the bathrooms this year.

The route will be split into 3 legs, like last year. Distances for each leg will be 36, 46 and 26 miles respectively. 

Unless we hear tremendous outcry, the King of the Mountains competition will take a year off. It wasn't well contested last year and it requires a fair amount of work to pull off.

Lake City will now be a full checkpoint with optional outside rider support, just like Zumbro Falls. It will be at a new location, however. 

For the top 5 or 10 overall riders, we are planning on using a "mountain top" finish at the top of the last climb (on Lehrbach road) this year. 

A reminder to all that are entered to let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend so we can fill your spot with someone from the standby list. Anyone taking a start spot that doesn't show up will likely be excluded from future events. If you take a spot, we expect you to show up, even if it's 35 and rainy the day of the event. We will post a final withdrawl date as the race date gets closer.


D said...

I am at the bottom of the reserve list, but will not be able to ride, assuming I make it all the way to the roster. Thanks for the opportunity, and good luck with the event.

-Derek Chinn

Bob S said...

I've been putting on weight so that I can coast downhill really fast.

Tim Ek said...

My dream of wearing a polka dot jersey in the RAG is dead, unless you guys surprise me and I get to wear one in honor of the past "KOMs".

Thanks guys for putting on one of the best gravel events of the year.


velover said...


Just found out that I'm out due to a Family conflict on this weekend. Whoever gets my spot do me proud!


Syd Lahtinen

randy said...

I can not make it this year so please drop me from your race.
Randy Allen

Bill Franken said...

I am 6th on the reserve list and will not be riding this year either way. Thanks!

SW said...

I've been on the injured reserve and it's totally borked my training. Take me off the list and give my spot to someone healthier.

Steve Wagner

Ben said...

Ugh, reluctantly I too must bow out. I was so excited to finally get in, but my wife's due date appears to be closer and closer to the Rag race date. I was hoping but don't want to wait any longer and not have someone use my spot. Have a great event guys.

Ben Doom

Maybe see you at the Dirt Bag

Anonymous said...

Life has happened and I will not be able to make it to the ride.

-Ben Miller

Rick C said...

Hate to but have to drop from the ride, F*#*kin' work can get in the way of fun. i hope my spot goes to a surly rider,
High fives to all,
Rick Conrad