Friday, April 6, 2012


Someone asked about checkpoints so I thought I would make sure everyone knew what to expect.
When you sign in on Friday night at Wheelhouse cycles or on Saturday morning at the start, you will get a race number that needs to go on the front of your bike, a sheet with some basic race information and the notes for the first leg of the race. At the end of that leg, in Zumbro Falls, you will see one of our cars parked with a Ragnarok sign by it. This is the checkpoint. You will tell us your number and we will record your number and the time you arrived. Once we have your checked in, we will give you the cue notes for leg 2 and you are ready to go. Feel free to hang around the checkpoint as long as you want. If you are in a hurry, you can leave as soon as you have your notes. If you are in a pack of riders, do us a favor and agree as a group to wait until you all have your notes before heading out. We can only record your times and hand out notes so fast. At the Lake City checkpoint, you will receive the notes for leg 3. If you arrive after the cutoff, you will not receive the notes for the next leg and your race will be done. You will need to average around 9mph to make the cut-offs.

I wanted to remind everyone that we do not support riders and we don't provide drop service. If you need additional supplies, you can carry it with you, make use of the convenience stores in Z-Falls and Lake City, coordinate with someone to bring things with you, or talk someone into providing support for you for the day.


Charly Tri said...

So I am confused, what exactly will you be serving for refreshments? Can we make requests? I would like hotdogs.

Larry Sauber said...

Can number go on helmut insted? Year one\ two wasnt a problem. Hotdogs, must have pork n beans as accumpniment. Remind me not to forget the rok.

SPH Larry said...

We have had problems with numbers being put nearly everywhere except where we could see them so we are asking them to be on your bars. If we can't see it, you wait longer for us to check you into a checkpoint and the best place for us to see it is on your bars.

Don't forget the rok.

Anonymous said...

Rok fit in that new YagBag?

Bring the Rok!

8+ hrs of number flapping has been known to cause permanent hearing damage,

And the UCI has just issued a statement in regards to handlebar #'s. Appears they deem them an illegal fairing.


Larry Sauber said...

What rok?


8 is THE number.

Anonymous said...

straight from the WORS racer manual- do not "defile" your number plate

Brendan said...

Hey Guys,
Will there be any water at the checkpoints for the riders(gatorade jug or gallons)?

Thanks and I am looking forward to the ride!

Matt Muyres said...

Matt Muyres

SPH Larry said...

Brandan, there will not be any water provided by us at the checkpoints. There are two convenience stores in ZFalls (at mile 40) and one on the route in Lake City (at mile 80). There is water at the park where the checkpoint is in Lake City.

Sorry Matt, registration is long over and the entry list if full. Give it a go next year. Look for registration in December. There are also several other outstanding gravel events in the state later this year.