Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The "Wheres"

Here is a Google map with some locations of note this year 
It includes the start and the two checkpoints. It also includes a route to get from the start to the two checkpoints.

The map also includes the locations of the two area hospitals. Please, let's make sure no one needs to know where those are.


Anonymous said...

What are checkpoint logistics, please?

Also, you're not taking drop bags, right? I'm planning to start the ride with enough food/water to make it to the finish.

SPH Larry said...

No drop bags. We provide zero support for riders. You will need to have your support folks or someone else to bring something there if you need it.

Not sure what you mean by checkpoint logistics, so I will
give a brief description of what a checkpoint is. On your course notes, the last instruction will be the checkpoint. At that checkpoint, you will see one of us parked there. you will check in with us and once we record you rider number and the time, we will give you the course notes for the next leg and you are free to hang out and relax or be on your way.