Sunday, April 13, 2014

Post race download

Thanks again to all who showed up. It was a drizzly, cool morning so we weren't sure how many of the over 100 that hadn't already dropped would show up. 88 intrepid souls picked up numbers and would tackle the roads and whatever mother nature would dish out.

What would Mother Nature dish out? Within 15 minutes of the start there was lightning... Rain...eventually hail... And the temperatures were in the low 40s. As a race organizer/director it was a bit nerve wracking. (in a totally different way than if I was biking....I really don't want someone to die out there!)

There were lots of drops before the Zumbro Falls checkpoint as the cold rain, wind, and messy roads were wreaking havoc on bikes and brakes, as well as sucking the heat from anyone without the right clothing.

By the time folks were through ZF and onto Lake City the rain had stopped, but the wind hadn't. Luckily it was a mostly tailwind after the second checkpoint. 58 folks got to the LC checkpoint by the cut-off time. 56 would go on the finish all 107 miles.

Thanks again to:

- the riders - thanks for riding safe, riding hard, and inspiring. Those that didn't finish are no less inspiring.

- our families - you put up with us being gone while riding or driving the course or planning... You put up with us throwing money at something that is done only for the fun of it. It would be impossible to put on the event without your support.

- our swag sponsors - it always floors me that anyone would bother sponsoring our race. Yes we have an awesome course, but we suck at the promotion side of things. Thank you HED Wheels. Another sweet wheelset in the hands of a grateful rider. Twin Six and Angry Catfish brought bottles, socks, hats, shirts, etc. thank you!!!

- Angry Catfish - the tent and coffee was a godsend with the rain. It would have been a miserable registration process without it

- Red Wing Brewery - we got 20ish people checked in early. Thanks for hosting!

- MNGL - thanks for letting everyone take over your parking lots. Now about those bathrooms....

I know Jake was finalizing our chicken scratches into a list of final times and places, so it should be up in the next day or two (silly other homework).

In the next week or two we'll have a meeting about next year and if we have a date and any details we'll post up here.

Finally - if you have a blog and do a race write-up let us know in the comments. It's always fun to read about experiences out on the roads of the 'Rok.

Thanks again!



Martin said...

As always, thanks for hosting a true spring classic!

John Hoch said...

I love this race in all kinds of weather! It is always a wild and wooly ride but rewarding. Thanks for all the work you put into this. We all appreciate the time and love you donate to the riders. Long Live ROK!

Craig Cardinal said...

What a fun day! Thanks for all the work you put in to make this thing happen. Hopefully next year I'll be back to finish the whole thing. Here's a link to my blog post on the race.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great even this year, guys! Such a rad course and adventure!

Who was the gentlemen taking photos? I'd love to see what shots he got!
Thanks again!

Liam Gilson said...

I was the photographer, photos will be posted on my site as soon as I have them ready

T.C. said...

Good times again this year. The conditions could not be a whole lot worse, but I still had a blast. Best course ever. See you in 2015 if not sooner! BIG thanks!