Friday, April 11, 2014

Race Day

Hey, just a couple points to make.

Remember you are on your own for this race.  Directors will not pick you up if you drop out.  Please, please, please be prepared for the worst.  Watch out for your fellow riders and act like good humans out there.  The roads are open so please obey all traffic laws.  You are not allowed to get support outside of the checkpoints.  We will have info for support crews if you have one.  We will give you contact numbers to call if you drop out.  Most important, THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE FUN, no matter what your reason is for riding do it for you and ride happy.  Also equally as important, you are responsible for you!

The golf course club house will be open around seven for bathrooms, but be prepared in case they are not open.  The last couple of times the club pro didn't show up on time.  If you are able to use the club house, be respectful!  Make sure to not track dirt in. 

Make sure to thank any sponsors listed on the side of the blog.  What they offer is worth finishing for. 

Sleep well, see you in the morning.....or if your in Red Wing tonight at Red Wing Brewery. 

For last minute information please follow facebook and twitter.

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Bob S said...

Good luck and have fun, everyone! Wish I was joining you. And thanks for running it, SPH. Bob S.