Monday, November 2, 2015

Primo Conditions!

No real race updates or anything. I did get out for a short gravel and singletrack jaunt yesterday afternoon (thanks for watching the kids Grandma and Grandpa) and the roads were PRISTINE!

Haycreek was rolling fast (watch out for the massive washboard sections!), Old Church was like concrete, Flueger was awesome, and Lehrbach was like a magic carpet. Sections of the climb up Memorial to get to the little sections of singletrack that I did were a bit damp... but even they weren't too bad. Any 2 hour ride that ends with a descent of the Cow Path is a good one. Note that I suck at descending in general, and when the descent is wet, rocky, those rocks have moss, and it is fairly leaf covered... that descent takes way longer than it should!

NOTE to self... contact the farmer(s) right at the base of Lehrbach. There isn't the chicken menagerie anymore, but there are now 4-5 dogs that are very interested in messing with a passing biker. Note that we haven't gotten bit yet, but they see you from a long ways away and like to be right up in your grill (and there are so many that they are tough to completely just sprint past cleanly... not to mention the stupid hill you are trying to sprint up while they chase).

Everyone's Favorite Sign

The Sheep were Happy to See Someone
Crappy Picture of the Cowpath

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