Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Registration Information


Here are the details, after Thanksgiving:

1 ) Please send a STANDARD POSTCARD to:

Ragnarok 105 c/o
Isaac Giesen
428 Franklin St.
Red Wing, MN    55066

2) NOTE that I said STANDARD POSTCARD. This does not mean a randomly sized chunk of cardboard, or a slip of paper in an envelope. Go out to countless places and buy a postcard. We will be holding a random lottery style drawing and no one will get preferential treatment (outside of the previous winners or those who have been through all of the editions of the 'Rok.

3) On the postcard, please LEGIBLY write out the following:

Your Name
Your Email Address
and the statement "I am responsible for myself"

I will attempt to let everyone know that they card has been received. Only one entry per person, so please don't flood the mailbox with cards.

4) Black Friday is the first day that I'll "accept" cards, and you have until December 31 to have your card postmarked and on its way to Red Wing.

5) I'm not actually that much of a stickler for the rules, but we really do appreciate not getting random little bits of paper with names, oddly shaped chunks of cardboard, etc. It just makes things easier for us.

6) We will cap the roster at 150 riders. Last year we didn't have that many150 cards. So there is a chance that the lottery will not be needed. If we have more than 150 cards, the drawing will take place a week or so after the new year.

7) Previous winners still need to send in a card. You just won't go into the drawing (this goes for Men and Women)

8) I think that is it. Ask questions if you have any.

9) Happy Thanksgiving!


Larry Sauber said...

I play favorites. SPH gets auto entry into LML.

Also. I think you guys should ride Rok and lure your guys into being race officials. The buzz is even bigger when you have to get on your bike and go with the pack.

IMG said...

One of these years we'll have to see about that. I would be riding right in front of the broom wagon these days!

SPH is much more anti-social and hermit like when compared to LCR... so it remains to be seen who we could rattle out of the woodwork to run things that day.

Abby R said...

Maybe I missed this - is there a date for 2016? Thanks!

Z said...

April 9th, 2016

Bob S said...

Thanks, SPH for running this again!

Drew Wilson said...

I just hand dropped in the white box. ..

Thank you!!!

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