Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Some Details

Here are some details...

Check in:

You have two options if your name is on the final roster.

1) Day before, Friday the 8th, around 7:30-9:30ish at the Red Wing Brewery on Old West Main.
2) Day of, we'll be set-up roughly 6:15 or so at Mississippi National Golf Links. Please don't show up at 7:20... we'll try and get you checked in and ready to go before the 7:30 start, but there are lots more folks probably than previous years. We'll try and keep things going smoothly, but it's not like we're pros.

We will have a couple of port-a-potties at the start/finish someplace.

Some rules/general guidelines:

2) Have back up plans, pickup plans in an emergency, etc. We will not and can not provide chauffeur services to everyone.
3) When going downhill -- ride within yourself. These hills can allow some crazy speeds and see #1...
4) When going uphill and around corners try and ride to the right. Drivers will not be expecting you so ... see #1.
5) The weather is a huge variable. Be ready for it... see #1.

Checkpoint notes (this is mainly for Zumbro Falls):

When you come into the checkpoint, PLEASE calmly make sure that we catch your number so we can keep track of everything. We may try and build some sort of corral that you have to ride through to keep things organized. Just assume that once you get on the gravel in the ZF checkpoint that things are neutralized.

Also --> DO NOT CUT THE COURSE! If I know the number of anyone who cuts through the ball fields in Zumbro Falls you will be DQ'd.

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