Friday, April 7, 2017

Next Year

While it is far from a done deal, the 11th running of the Rok will most likely be on April 7th next year.

Some initial thoughts in that vein:

1) Most likely will have most of the same details (start, finish, checkpoints)

2) I really want to change the course even just a bit. That may mean the Zumbro Bottoms are lost. Maybe not. Or I might stay super busy at work and home and the course will stay the same.

3) Will probably keep the roster limit at 150. This year I don't think we actually ended up turning away anyone, so it was pretty good.

4) I need to contact Zumbro Falls and Lake City next year and inquire about the porta-potty and little bathroom respectively. They have been open/there in the past, but not consistently.

This weekend while the kids are napping (I hope they nap!) I'll tally up the results and get them posted. Sorry for the delay!

And for no reason at all... a picture of our 4 yo son riding some gravel by our new house (not on course)

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