Monday, April 10, 2017

The Official Thanks Post

So... I finally got the results posted. It only took a week! Life certainly gets busy!

A few things, since I didn't really do a proper spewing of thanks and thoughts after the big day.

1) 2018....

As of right now, I would say that we're 95% going to hold an 11th edition of this beast. Most likely it will be April 7th. Obviously a lot can happen in a year!

My goal will be to come up with a few changes in the cue sheets. Mainly I am a technological caveman and the rise of folks navigating 100% with their GPS is disconcerting to me in some way. If I'm going to print off 150 cue sheets, I want people to have to use them darn it! (Not faulting those that didn't use them this year, I didn't curtail any use of them in such manner, so no harm done... it's all just me being a curmudgeon.)

2) 2017 Thank you list (not in any order)

A) My wife, kids, and mom and dad. Their patience with me leading up to the race, help at checkpoints, and babysitting assistance all make the day happen.

B) The riders! You all are a joy to put through the agony that is the Rok. It is humbling that folks would keep coming back year after year when we provide so little of the outside stuff (such as actual support, swag, food, water, etc).

C) Mississippi National! I don't know if 1 person actually ended up going in and buying food/beer. They were open for golfers and we used up almost 2/3 of their parking lot. And they were asking what more they could do next year to make it better.... That says a lot!

D) Red Wing Brewery! I totally forgot about the night before check-in until a couple of days before. They were happy to host even with essentially no notice. They are small, and we sort of jam up things... but they are happy to have us every year.

E) Jake! Even though life happened and he had to leave for personal reasons, that he would fly from CO just to help out says everything you need to know. We may be trying to start a ride out in the Front Range sometime in the next couple years...

F) Larry! The help on the day of is always much appreciated! The groundwork that he did in the early Rok editions has made them go smoothly even as he has stepped away from the organizing of it.

G) Mark Stevenson and Chris Skogen! Trans-Iowa was what lit the fire in our bellies, and the first Almanzo was what told us that it could be done.

Anyways... this'll probably be the last blog post here for a while unless I get out on some recon rides for next year. Good luck to all that are planning on doing any of the great rides that are around here. If you have questions about gravel routes, suggestions for making the Rok better, etc. Feel free to drop me an email...

Thanks and have a great year!

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