Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ragnarök 2008 is in the freaking books!

Congrats to all who attempted this beast today. Weather today? about 28-30 at the start. Got all the way to maybe 36 or so. The wind never wavered from being stiff and from the North North West.

First finisher arrived at 3:41. Last three finishers arrived at 7:09. Awesome job by all who tried (except maybe Dave M. who needs to go to an orienteering clinic or two, eh... I guess you get a good job to Dave), the conditions definately made this ride/race a different animal.

Overall Champ - Brandt Elson
Men's SS Champ - Joel Cahalan

Big Attaboy to Porter, Troy and Scott. You were never more than about 30 minutes from missing cutoffs, but you kept that pace going the WHOLE day and finished strong! Way to be. Made me wish I could have been out there on the roads.

Tentative date (without consulting anything more than my computer calendar) for the second edition: 4/11/09.

Official results and some pictures to show up tomorrow probably sometime.

Before I forget. Thanks to our sponsors for providing some swag and support: The Route Bike Shops, Cars R Coffins, Surly, SPH Cycling Ltd. and Josh from Generation Outdoors.


Anonymous said...

Based on your "overall champ" and "men's ss champ" no women completed the race? what's up with the lack of women's results?

Z said...

Unfortunately we did not have any women complete the race. Only one was brave enough to toe the line. Susannah King made it about 65 or so miles and had to call it a day. Great job by her for certain. But to gain a piece of the 'Rök you have to finish. Sorry if it sounded like I was diminishing her accomplishment!

Troy Lawrence said...

Boy, What a day! Thanks Isaac, Jake and any others for planning such a challenge for us to partake in!

Great job to all the riders that even decided to start! That alone, was one heckuva challenge.

Anonymous said...

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