Friday, April 11, 2008

T-minus about 12 freaking hours

Well, the weather isn't exactly ideal, and has caused many a racer to throw in the towel but we've still got potentially 45 crazies still in with a chance (I predict 30 or so starters max).

Very last post pre-race:

Weather - so far no appreciable (if any) snow has fallen on the course. It rained HARD last night and has been drizzly today. An inch or two of snow is in the forecast. Be prepared for a full day of sub 35-40 degrees and WET! Hypothermia is nothing to scoff at and we (the organizers) are not responsible for rescuing you if you get in trouble. You and only You (or maybe you and some friends who are riding together) are responsible for yourself.

Registration is in Colvill Park, in Red Wing, starting at 6:30. There are not any bathroom facilities open in the park, so if nature is going to call plan to drive to a convenience store or stop at one or McDonald's on the way into town. Sorry, but the race is free and renting a biffy is not in the budget. Also, it will probably be cold and wet sitting around before the race starts, so while I would prefer that everyone doesn't converge on the registration table at once, later might actually be better.

And finally.... to all racers - GOOD LUCK, HAVE FUN, BE SAFE!


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