Sunday, April 6, 2008

T-minus less than one week

Well, Jake and I finally got out to ride the whole course yesterday. Conditions were about perfect (I should have had on sunscreen though!) and we can all only hope that they are close to as good next Saturday. Initial forecast for Saturday is slightly crummy with a chance of crappy. Hopefully the unreliable long range forecasts are unreliable. Regardless the course should be mostly firm for 95% of the way. Two sections of road are going to be pure slop at best (unless there is a deep freeze).

Some other tidbits before I forget:

- max descending speed - 39.8 mph (coasting... I'm a SSer)
- total dogs that ran out and chased us - about 10
- total dogs that actually seemed to care - .5
- number of weird looks from convenience store clerks - 1.75

One other surprise: There seemed to be decent cell coverage for most of the course actually. This is important if you have troubles or need to drop out etc. We (the organizers) will not be responsible for providing assistance in the event of something happening. You are responsible for getting yourself out of any trouble you might get into. Please have a plan if you need to drop out.


Anonymous said...

3-5 inches of snow for Red Wing on Friday. This could be fun!!

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