Saturday, April 18, 2009

'09 Rok is in the books

Great job to all the racers that finished!

Quick post for now... more details later or tomorrow

Summary of results

Top 3 Overall

1. Charly Tri
2. Charlie Farrow
3. Jeremy Fry

Top SS

1. Heath Weisbrod

Top Female

1. Rebecca Sauber

Thanks to all who raced, helped racers, and have followed this blog... 

More complete results and photos to come later....


tc worley said...

So (painfully) fun! Thanks one more time for all the work you guys put into this - just to make a bunch of us dirty cyclists happy.

bluecolnago said...

Fat Albert finished 3rd overall? Whoa! Good job, Buddy!

Head Honcho said...

Thanks for an awesome event!

Charly Tri said...

Thanks again guys for everything. It was good to meet you all. You definitely designed one fantastic course. Still can't get over the minimum maintenance downhill road at about mile 20 and the last section of the last hill. Tough indeed.

J-No said...

That last hill (Mile 100 maybe?) threw me for a loop. I thought I was in the clear. I was/am moving pretty slow this morning.

Chris Skogen said...

Thanks a lot guys. Nice course. I still swear to god that I saw a beer tent and a bunch of naked ladies at the Wells Fargo turn and that's why I missed it, but either way it was a good time. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

That was painful, but I had fun. I esp. liked the first min. maintenance road with that sketchy downhill. What a hoot! Great scenery and great job with the tulip notes. Met a lot of friendly racers and I didn't even see anybody puke.

Charly Tri said...

Sorry, I think that downhill was earlier than 20 miles, maybe 10ish? I was a little cross eyed then, so forgive me. It would have been tricky even on a mountain bike!

OCary said...

I'm not sure if knowing what was coming on the return of Lebrauch was a blessing or a curse.

And that min maint road was sketchy even on a full squish given my state of mental clarity.

Great event guys... just great.... I'll be back next year.

Heath said...

I broke a rear spoke on 1st minimun maint road - air'n last 2 jumps? Fun!!

Great show Charlie's et all. Just couldn't spin fast enough after that "one" hill. ha ha. Oh, thanks for teaching my boy how to transition fast, seriously.

Isaac, Larry, Jake, thanks again for another excellent race.

JayPee said...

Once again a great event, thanks guys! It was awesome!

Larry W said...

results can be found at

Anonymous said...

Transition fast?

I packed a lunch. Planned on eating it but didn't. Don't that count?

Ricoh don't like not eating lunch.

The 40 mile chase for something was worth it...

Sauber (Brother in-law of Rebecca).

Anonymous said...

Isaak, Jake, Larry, Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this together. The course was AWESOME! The up hills hurt, the down hills tried to bounce my eyes out of my head and all the rest numbed my brain!
It's amazing how much I remember from last year, felt like we were "rewinding" a lot, HMMMM?

When can we send in our postcards for next year? Can't Wait!!!


Charlie Farrow said...

Super fun and great hosts...everything that a bike race should be...BRAVO!!!

Jkershaw said...

This was a great race! It was exactly what my work-exhausted brain needed...hills, dust, cow manure, and one crazy-ass old dog somewhere around mile 25? Thanks, again, for the event! Jeremy

Anonymous said...

Ragnarok 105 - Red Wing! What a great place to ride. Keep it up down there and y'all can make your community a multi-discipline cycling mecca. Wheelhouse cheers via your friendly scottish potter neighbor.

Mark said...

Thank you Jake, Isaac, & Larry, and all the others that helped to make the best race around. Scenery was great, a couple down hills were something else. What a great course, and great company to ride with. If the last hill had been 10 feet higher, I might not have made it, and the dogs were much friendlier this year.

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