Monday, April 6, 2009

Introducing KOM!

To start out with something exciting, we are introducing the all new KOM (King of the Mountain) challenge. A hand full of climbs, eight to be exact, in the first 30 miles will count in the KOM. The first three up the hill will score points. The best part is you get a REALLY cool prize!

Rules: You are responsible for you! Know your limits. Have an escape. The only outside assistance you can receive is in Zumbro Falls (half way check point). You will be disqualified if you receive help outside of the checkpoint. We ask that no cars follow your rider, if you do the rider will be disqualified. You have 12 hours to complete the race. Start is 7:30 am and for you that can't compute, that means 7:30 pm is your end time. Checkpoint cutoffs will be 1:00 in Zumbro Falls, 4:00 in Lake City and 7:30 in Red Wing. And you are responsible for yourself! You are on public open roads, follow the rules, stay to the right when coming to the top of a hill or on blind spots. You are in rural MN you might run across hillbillies or any other mostly intoxicated drivers. To be extra safe, have a rear red light and a small flashing front light. Once again you are responsible for yourself.

Registration: Registration opens at 6:30 and closes at 7:15. Plan well, the race will start with or without you. ONLY REGISTERED RIDERS WILL BE GIVEN CUE SHEETS!


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