Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pre ride madness!

Well we managed to ride the course yesterday, and sorry for anyone that loves peanut butter roads and nasty decents, the whole course is in superb condition. The graters managed to get out on a couple roads but didn't make it much harder on us.

The tulips are spot on so if you get lost, not our fault! I have to say that even if it is perfect weather the course is still a bit more challenging than last year, so hope for nice weather.

Hope this finds everyone ready for next week! Be sure you carry enough with you to make it 50mi. at a time. We didn't see many cars but the ones we came across were not going slow, so make sure you remeber to be safe no matter the state of mind.

Stay healthy and see you next week!


Heath said...

Hmmm less rain, snow, ice, & mud. Wild fires?!?

Anonymous said...

.......and landslides. Landslides of epic proportions.


Anonymous said...

The snow and ice of last year will be replaced with more junkyard dogs and hillbillies.

Anonymous said...

Junkyard dogs and hillbilly's... Sounds like an LCR gig... Perfect.

Tiptoe with the tulips.