Monday, February 22, 2016

April 9th is coming!

I need to update the race roster (only one more drop out than has already been updated!), but other than that preparations are going smoothly for this year's running of the Rok.

I'm waiting to hear a final confirmation on the start/finish location. Most likely we will be at the Mississippi Golf Links again. Our standard checkpoints will be utilized as well. They are just too handy/comfy etc.

Some notes (partially for myself):

- I will do what I can to make sure that we have at least one option for a nature break before the race at the start/finish. Whether that is a porta-potty or bribing the clubhouse to be open...

- I will also check with Zumbro Falls about a porta-potty at the checkpoint. Apparently they usually do have one in (they most years that I can remember), and we just missed it by a week last year.

- The checkpoint in Lake City should have running water, bathrooms, etc.

- We do allow outside support at the checkpoints. We can provide maps/directions for a helper to get to the checkpoints easily (along with expected arrivals at said checkpoints).

- Jake is now living out of state, but has verbally stated he'll be here for the big day. I'm not counting on that 100% though, so the "official" KOM will not be held yet again. Too much running around for a slimmed down crew.

- I'll try and find the retread tulip note reading 101 post. There are quite a few Rok newbies, so while I think most tulip notes are similar to ours, it will help those with a little question.

BIGGEST NOTE  -  IF YOU ARE ON THE ROSTER BUT CANNOT MAKE IT, LET ME KNOW SOONER THAN LATER! THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE WEEK BEFORE IF YOU CAN HELP IT! The waiting list isn't shrinking at all right now and history has shown that way more people don't make it from the original list... if we have a waiting list by the day of the event and you no show, I will most likely ban you for a year or something harsh. My email is . Thanks!

P.S. Unless we get a dumping of snow in March.... this is going to have potential to be a super fast edition. The gravel most likely will be FIRM!

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