Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Start/Finish area is finalized

Got a quick confirmation from the Golf Club, and we're a go for using their lot as a start/finish area yet again. Thanks Mississippi National!

Some little details about the 9th...

We'll be set up and getting ready for day-of signing in by around 6 am. We'll try and start right at 7:30 or at least right around there... so please try and be checked in and with your cue cards in hand no later than 7:15.

We'll try and fill up the lower lot as efficiently as possible, but I'm sure we'll spill into the upper lot. I will do my best to communicate (and maybe bribe) the clubhouse to be open at 6 am for bathroom usage. To be safe I may also rent a porta-john... we'll see.

I'll also try and figure out what the food and drink options will be in the clubhouse. A freshly cooked burger tastes REALLY good after 100 miles of riding...

Have a great Tuesday!

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