Monday, February 1, 2016

Just over 2 months away!

Into February!

Remember, if you are on the race roster and need to drop out, please let me know ASAP. The folks on the waiting list will be grateful! or send a message on the Facebooks.

I got out for a quick ride with the warm weather. I wasn't really on too many Ragnarok roads, but the general state of the gravel roads were assessed. Predictably, they sucked. So it was fun (for a non-100 mile ride). Ice, packed snow, mashed potato snow, mud, water, grossness. We haven't had a ton of snow in SE MN yet, so unless we get hammered in Feb I would predict dry and fast gravel for the big day. (note that the pictures below were the softest, but practically the nicest section (climb) of the route.

Even if you aren't on the roster, the roads around Red Wing are awesome to ride. Come on down!

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