Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Details for Saturday

I posted up the most important info on facebook, but here is a more thorough version of it:

The ride is April 1 (this Saturday). We start at 7:30, but please be at Mississippi National and checked in by at least 7:15. If everyone waits until 7:15 it may just be chaos, as with the weather looking pretty decent (knocking on wood) my guess is there will be less no shows (thus more riders) than ever before.

The Ragnarok Volunteer Crew will be at the golf course and set-up by 6:15 or so (maybe even a bit earlier). When you come in please park in the "lower" lot, which will be where our table is set up. I'm assuming that we'll need to use some of the upper lot too, which is fine, I just don't want to use up their whole lot. Please park efficiently!

A quick timeline:

6:15 Check-in opens
7:25 Announcements
7:30 Start
approximately 11:30 Checkpoint 1 closes
approximately 4:30 Checkpoint 2 closes
7:30 Cut-off time to "finish"

We will still try and have night before check-in. With life being crazy I haven't finalized this yet, but will look to today. Expect to be able to sign your waiver, get your number and cues Friday sometime in town if you want a more streamlined Saturday experience.


Always ride within yourself and be aware of your surroundings.

You are responsible for yourself! (both while riding, and if you need to get extracted from the course)

You can certainly give or receive help from other riders though.

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Bob S said...

Good luck, everyone! Wish I was able to join you.

SPH thanks for continuing to host this event.