Wednesday, March 8, 2017

April 1 is coming up!!

Sorry for the bit of radio silence, work has been (and continues to be) crazy busy and we just moved across town this past weekend. So there has been a lot of stuff going on!


We're under a month away to the big day now. Hopefully you've been logging those miles... or eating those donuts to give you the energy to persevere over the nasty roads that the Rok has to offer.

Course Update!:

The course will be the same as in the past few years. As always life gets in the way of making changes. There is a small change to the end of the course that I hope to get into the 2018 running (if there is a 2018 running) that would add in some not even minimum maintenance road. Just a little nugget.

The main roads should be fast and good to go like normal. We got a foot of snow a week and a half ago so things at the moment are sloppy on the MMR sections. The storms, rain, and then incessant wind we've had the last couple days will be helping dry everything up. Minnesota weather is fickle though so who knows what is in store for the weeks leading up to the race.

Checkpoints will be at the same locations as always. Zumbro Falls (a bit under 40 miles in) and Lake City (right around 80ish miles in). There are convenience stores on the route fairly close to the checkpoints (in Zumbro Falls the one actually on the course is after, though there is one before too... in Lake City is just a bit before the checkpoint).

Other notes:

As I always say: You are responsible for yourself! This is a ride on open roads.

You MUST ride within your limits, obey all posted signs, not trespass, stop at stop signs, etc.

Please don't litter! I know that you'll see a few discarded Natty Ice cans along the way, but don't make more of a mess. I (and those who help me out) like to ride on these very same roads, and don't want to give anyone a chance to think "those darn cyclists".

If you have a mechanical, or need to drop out.... HAVE A PLAN! We are not responsible for any sort of taxi service. We are a small rag tag crew that has to be all over the course for other reasons. We ask that you call me to report that you are dropping out, but other than that you need to have a bail out plan. I cannot stress this enough. You need to be ready for any situation, no matter the weather, etc.

Start and Finish:

We'll be at Mississippi National Golf Links again for the start and finish. Try and park in the "lower" section of the lot. Try and just take one space as well. If the weather is nice they will also want to be golfing so I don't want to affect them too much as they don't ask for anything from us in return. Note, I believe that they now have made to order food along with beer, pop, etc. So your post-ride refueling may have gotten easier.

Night before check in:

I need to confirm the location, but we will have some night before check-in somewhere in Red Wing (either Downtown or at the Brewery or something... details are being hammered out).

What am I missing? Feel free to ask in comments or on whatever social media I'm not ignoring at the moment...



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Dustin said...

Thanks for the update, can't wait!