Friday, March 31, 2017

One day to go!

We're almost there! One day until the 10th running of the Ragnarok 105! Is there a better day than April Fools Day to ride this course?

Some quick details for those not on facebook , or in case my phone stopped working.


Night before check in will be at the Red Wing Brewery yet again. I'll be there around 7:30 or so with waivers, cue sheets, and numbers. We'll be there until 9:30 or thereabouts, so if you're staying in town, or just want a few more minutes of sleepy time tomorrow morning please come on down!


We'll try and have everything set-up by 6:15 or a little earlier. I'd love to have everyone checked in and getting close to ready by 7:15 or so to allow for a prompt 7:30 getaway time.

You will have until 11:45 to get to Zumbro Falls and check in with our volunteers, and 4:45 to get to Lake City and do the same. While going into the checkpoint, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE slow down and come in a semi-orderly fashion. Make sure that we get you recorded.

Random Notes:

The Zumbro Endurance Race is actually next weekend, not this, so don't count on any friendly faces in the Bottoms (though I would guess you won't see any grumpy ones either)... they may actually be out doing course prep, so you might still get some waves.

We're using the same course as last year (and the past few years actually), but we can't vouch for any GPS tracks that you may find or use or whatever, so we will require you to carry our cue sheets, which you'll get at each checkpoint. One of these years we will change things up!

The latest weather forecast is actually looking better and better. 60 degrees and sunny? Yes please. That means sunscreen for me. If it means sunscreen for you please remember it as we won't have a ton on us on the course.

We will not have any water or any supplies of the like on course with us. If you need that stuff either bring it along or stop at a convenience store, which are conveniently close to checkpoints.

Now some thanks, in no particular order, and I'm sure with some exclusions...  since this weekend will be crazy and I'm thinking semi-clearly now:

Huge thanks to Mississippi National and the Red Wing Brewery. Their accommodation of our little event (at no cost to us) really makes it possible and keeps my heartburn to a minimum.

Thanks to my wife and family! We've been busy moving, and work has been crazy for me, so I haven't gotten as much time on course as I would like, but they have been patient and very supportive of continuing on what Larry, Jake, and I started 10 years ago. Without that we wouldn't be here.

Thanks to Larry! The work he put in to the race years ago still keeps it going strong now years after he stepped away from the pre-race organizing. Also, the day of help that he provides is invaluable.

Thanks to Jake for flying in from Colorado for this! What I said about Larry goes for Jake!

Thanks to Mark S of Trans-Iowa fame and Chris S, founder of the Almanzo for providing the inspiration/motivation to start this event so long ago.

Thanks to everyone who has ridden, and will be riding the Rok. It's humbling having people drive down and give up a day (or more) of their valuable time to ride.

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