Monday, November 26, 2007

The Race Roster

Here is the list of lucky folk so far. NOTE: RULE CHANGE RULE CHANGE RULE CHANGE!!!! We will not be having a lottery. First 30 cards get in. After that we can put you on the waiting list, but no guarantees then... We just wanted to make sure people could make plans since many riders will be from at least a little bit away.

Without further ado:

Male Open Class

Muraski, Mar.
Muraski, Mat.
Pramann, D.
Pitts, J.
Herringer, Z.
Polsun, S.
Mahoney, L.
Lawrence, M.
Larson, D.
Million, P.
Hanson, S.
Omdahl, R.
Sauber, L.
Stock, P.
Bean, C.
Karow, E.
Gustafson, C.
Hackensack, N.
Kinderman, S.
Lawrence, T.
Boecker, S.
Beck, B.
Abrams, D.
Bell, P.
Fahr, J.
Elson, B.
Haberman, P.
Sauber, L.
Bell, C.
Connell, B.
Zeigle, P.
Zadra, D.
Dittmer, D.
Braasch, G.

Female Open Class

Waxmonksy, N.
Brokaw, S.
Hackensack, B.
Sauber, R.

Male SS/Fixed Class

Skogen, C.
Quince, D.
Braun, C.
Clay, K.
Weisbrod, H.
Zipfel, J.
Petersen, A.
Robb, J.J.
Everson, T.
The Beard

Female SS/Fixed Class

Henry, K.
King, S.

That is all... thank you.

Ragnarok town #1

Hi all. Our wonderfully crafted route passes directly through 3 towns (and pass close by another) as it winds around Goodhue and Wabasha counties. After starting in Red Wing, you'll pass through Lake City, Millville, and Zumbro Falls. The route will pass within a short jaunt of Goodhue.

There will be a convenience store directly on the route in Lake City. There are also fast food options available (though they may require a short detour) in the City along Lake Pepin.

Millville does have a cafe or two, but nothing of much note for you to recharge with.

Our main checkpoint town, Zumbro Falls, has a couple of convenience stores. This will be the first point where outside assistance will be officially allowed. The exact location of the checkpoint will be posted here in the weeks leading up to the race.

Goodhue also has one convenience store. In the interest of staying off of a "busy" road (58) we don't quite pass through town. We will have a second checkpoint here where you can have food or other things ready for you.

The main concern will be water. Please plan on carrying enough for you to go 60 or so miles without refilling. There are no portions of the route that will require that, but if something goes wrong er on the side of caution.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to get that postcard in! We're up to 8 entrants or so.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The postcards are a comin'

If you've received a confirmation email from yours truly, that means that I've recieved your postcard! Thanks to the 5 that are in so far. Not much else to update at the moment.

I will take the opportunity to thank Guitar Ted of Trans-Iowa fame and Chris of the Almanzo 100 for inspiring this race. Training for TI last year, and competing in both TI and the Almanzo are probably the highlights of the year. If you haven't ridden on some remote gravel roads, you haven't ridden. So get those postcards in and commit yourself to a day of fun.

Another note: Since this is the inaugural year we are going to try and keep the size to about 30 people (if we get that many!). If you've already got your postcard in, you're in for sure. From this point on, if we get a pile of cards (way more than 30) we will be having a lottery/drawing from a hat. At least that's the plan for now.

Thanks for reading. For your trouble, here is a picture of one of the first climbs of the day from a few weeks ago: