Saturday, April 4, 2020

2020 Ragnarok

To all Ragnarok riders on the roster this year, an email has been sent out about the cancellation of this years race. Some of your addresses were rejected, so slide into my DM on social media if you need the email sent to a different address or email us.
We have added an option to do your own 105mi ride April 18th (all surfaces excepted). Record your route and send it to us.  Do not ride with others and ride directly from your home...or start your ride down the street so others don’t have your address.
If you don’t have a tracking device, email me and we will get you one. If you don’t have a gps or a device that you can download the route, take a pic of the screen. If you want to ride it on a trainer that’s cool too.
Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun, but only riders on this years roster will be eligible for one of three prize packages.
This is anything but your traditional Ragnarok 105. We wanted to have a gathering point for our gravel community to come together even if it’s in a non traditional way.
Thanks for all the support along our journey!